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About Us

Nucleus for Empowerment through Skill Transfer (NEST) has many years experience in capacity building and development cooperation. Since its inception, NEST has been consistently involving in providing capacity development activities on various disciplines ranging from Social Mobilization, Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Governance, Gender Equity and Social Inclusion, Social Accountability, Livelihood Promotion, Cooperative Management, High Value Agriculture Crops, Livestock, Forestry, Climate change, Ecological Governance and Water Sanitation and Hygiene. NEST is very much inclined towards professionalism and it adapts the ethos of multi-stakeholder process while conducting programs and projects. NEST development cooperation is currently undergoing number of changes in the society. The objective for the cooperation is to help creating condition that will enable women, poor and marginalized to improve their lives.



NEST gives emphasis on partnership to fulfill its objectives. We have practice of three types of partnership: short term, package-base and long-term. Basically, short term partnership is for conducting training activities.



The main activities of NEST are training and consultancy service, in the field of rural development. The thrust of the organization is to establish itself as a quality and cost effective service provider in the market place.